Summer Solstice Spectacular 2008

Pampered Pooch Promenade

Daphne and Niles with Carolyn Hunter


pampered pooches who gathered

on the bcumc patio on June 22, 2008 to participate in

the pampered pooch promenade



luas with christian harvey

ollie with jim durkin

willie parker with marita bartholomew

zero with tammy huchingson

roxie with terri and ron smith

daphne and niles with carolyn hunter

waldo with ed and jan steinhauser

elsa and maxwell with peter bianchi and Judi meals

Dario with dolly archey

reeses with Jessica corso

willie parker led the promenade of pooches adorned with their custom-designed kerchiefs and toting their bags of treats along Lincoln avenue to north fremont avenue where they crossed Lincoln avenue and returned to the north boroughs ymca patio

 chairperson Barbara Doscher invited the pooches to strut forward to participate in the most talented canine contest.  each showed tremendous agility in their performance and two were asked to repeat their feat.

 finally, the judge from wags and wiggles named the winner to be the dancing queen

“roxie” accompanied by terri smith

chairperson Barbara Doscher then invited the pooches to strut forward to participate in the best-dressed contest.  all presented in their Sunday best with bows and outfits fit for kings and queens.

 again, the judge from wags and wiggles had a difficult time determining which of the entrants should walk away with the king-size gift basket of special treats and toys. to the victors went the spoils, as the pair of Chihuahuas were sporting their BRIGHTLY COLORED orange, green, yellow, and white striped summer attire.

“daphne” and “niles” accompanied by carolyn hunter

were awarded the prize.

the total of $60 collected in entry fees will be presented to ‘spencer and friends’ and ‘avalon veterinary hospital’ along with a special donation of $20 from June m yuiska from Williamsburg va

join us next year for another rendition




Welcome all pooches who would like to show off their owners!!

You are invited to gather at 1:00pm on Sunday, June 22, 2008,

at the Bellevue Central United Methodist Church located on

Lincoln Avenue between Hawley and North Sprague Avenues.

For a small donation of $5, (the proceeds of which will be

contributed to Spencer and Friends and the Avalon Veterinary

Hospital for their good works), you will receive a Summer

Solstice Spectacular custom-printed doggy kerchief, a treat bag

and the right to strut your stuff along Lincoln Avenue with

your owners in tow.  You will follow a designated path (so

your owners won't get you lost).

Remember to mind your manners with your fellow pooches, be

sure to have your owners keep you safely on your leash, and be

absolutely sure that you remind your owners to clean up after

you, just in case you get too excited during the walk and have a

doggy disaster!!!

There will be a special prize for the best-dressed doggy and also

the most talented canine.

Be sure to register early, so preparations can be made for the

doggy explosion on Lincoln Avenue.

Come and walk with all of your furry friends and be part of the

1st Pet Promenade of the North Boros.


 Complete this entry form and remit with your payment to

Enjoy Bellevue at 18 Hawley Avenue, Bellevue, PA  15202


name of Pampered Pooch


Your Name



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Entry Must be received by June 12 for pre-registration and free gifts

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