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Summer Solstice Spectacular 2010




Sunday, June 27, 2010

1 pm - 3 pm

ymca patio, 629 Lincoln avenue



Welcome all pooches who would like to show off their owners!!!

You are invited to gather at 1:00pm on Sunday, June 27, 2010,

on the YMCA patio located at 629 Lincoln Avenue in bellevue, PA


For a small donation of $5, (the proceeds of which will be

donated to the great Dane animal rescue) you will receive a Summer

Solstice Spectacular special doggy reward, a treat bag

and the right to strut your stuff along Lincoln Avenue with

your owners in tow.


Arthur will lead the way on a designated path (so your owners won't get you lost).

Please Remember to mind your manners with your fellow pooches,

be sure to have your owners keep you safely on your leash,

And be absolutely sure that you remind your owners to clean up after you,

just in case you get too excited during the walk

 and have a doggy disaster!!!


Following the parade, The category entrants will compete for a special prize

awarded to the best-dressed doggy and also the most talented canine.

Selection of A category is not required to participate.

Be sure to register early, so preparations can be made for the

doggy explosion on Lincoln Avenue.


Come and walk with all of your furry friends and be part of the

3rd annual Pooch Promenade of the North Boros.


Come out and enjoy the dogs' day afternoon!


Complete the entry form and remit your payment to

Enjoy Bellevue at 18 Hawley Avenue, Bellevue, PA  15202


name of Pampered Pooch 

Category best-dressed/most talented 

Your Name 
Address of pampered pooch 
email  add me to the email list



Entry Must be received by June 21 for pre-registration and free gifts

event sponsored by the friends of enjoybellevue.org


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