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Summer Solstice Spectacular 2011

The raffle

50/50 raffle tickets will be sold throughout all four days of the event.


and the treasure hunt continues…


ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY during summer solstice spectacular 2011 TO SEARCH THE bellevue BUSINESS DISTRICTS AND IDENTIFY THE correct answers to the INIMITABLE query...

enjoy!  and Good luck in your quest!  (HINT!  Search the "Shop" section of this site!)


The Summer Solstice Spectacular Treasure Hunt

Here’s how the treasure hunt works – it’s fun, give it a try



 Print out both pages of the treasure hunt questionnaire


 SEARCH the town and identify the business/organizations to answer each question


fil write in the answers


 Turn in your completed treasure hunt questionnaire to 18 Hawley Ave


 the winner will be notified by phone/email and will be awarded a prize and the distinct honor as the most savvy shopper in bellevue in 2011!


The Bellevue Business Districts along Lincoln Avenue and Ohio River Boulevard consist of a wide range of merchants, organizations and businesses dedicated to providing a superlative choice of quality goods and services and sustenance for one and all.

Whatever your need or desire, you can find in Bellevue, a business that answers the call.  Now is the time to take a good long hard look at the inimitable array of the local shops and businesses that are open to satisfy and serve you in every way.

Search the treasure trove of Bellevue merchants, organizations and businesses to locate the specific Bellevue-based operation and enter the name and address for each...


…whose specialty says ‘tick tock’ 


…which requires some ‘movement’




…that is something out of sight



Click here for Page 1 of the Treasure Hunt 

Click here for Page 2 of the Treasure Hunt


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