Bike-Scooter Decorating Contest-Summer Solstice Spectacular 2008

Summer Solstice Spectacular 2008

Winners of the 2008 bike/scooter decorating contest are

age group 3-5 yrs: lucia taylor

for her tricycle decorated with a huge sun, photo, balloon, and puppy (with assistance from her brother nathaniel)

age group 8-10 yrs: morgan joy

for her scooter with a yellow sun upon WHOse rays were inscribed the names of various businesses in bellevue

age group 11-12 yrs: laura taylor

for her two-wheel bicycle decorated with a bright orange sun with yellow rays, complete with sky blue tires entirely her own design


winners each received a $25 savings bond generously provided by citizens bank-bellevue branch


no entries were presented for the age group 6-7 yrs

chairing the event - Lisa Blaney-Stewart -synergIT and Bellevue Council

judges for the contest included Jesse Hambley -Creative Treehouse
 Dave Gillingham -Michael Baker and Bellevue Council
Mark Sutton -Standard Register

Petrice Sekuda -Kuhn's market


bike or scooter decorating contest

Saturday June 21, 2008 in bayne park

for children ages 3 to 12

register to participate in the bike or scooter decorating

contest at Andrew bayne memorial park beginning at 12:30pm.

each category has four age groups, 3-5 yrs, 6-7 yrs, 8-10 yrs, 11-12 yrs.

parade your wheels around the court for the judges to see.

boys and girls will have fun with this event.


costumes to complete the package are optional. helmets are required.

please provide for adult supervision.


prizes will be awarded for each of the age groups.

the top prize in each group is a $25 savings bond

generously provided by citizens bank-bellevue branch


a few no nonsense rules for the event

All bicycles to be judged must be in place by 1:00 pm.

Helmets MUST be worn by all contestants.

Only human-powered, two-wheeled bicycles and tricycles are eligible.

Training wheels are okay.

Absolutely NO motorized vehicles of any KIND;

this includes electric cars and bikes.

NO pedal-powered toy tractors or trucks, wagons or strollers.

8 years old and younger must be accompanied by a responsible party.

Please park your car outside Andrew Bayne Memorial Park and walk in.

bicycles may not be ridden. They must be walked with the rider dismounted, for the safety and consideration of others.


The brief bicycle parade will be the only exception to this rule and will be guided by the Bellevue Police department from the park onto teece Avenue, across n balph avenue to finish on hawley avenue.


the parade will begin at 3:00pm

Parents are welcome to accompany their children in the parade.


register at the event table at Andrew bayne memorial park beginning at 12:30pm the day of the event OR to pre-register online


Click here to sign up!!!