Summer Solstice Spectacular 2009

Chalk Artist

Saturday, June 20,2009

 11:30 am - 1:30 pm -Bayne park

Bellevue, PA


renowned local Pittsburgh artist David E Deffner makes an 'impression' on asphalt

observe him in action as he creates a superlative image with chalk

creations are appreciated and experienced in the moment.


subjected to the elements, fleeting images are best enjoyed at the time of creation.

meet the artist as he transforms a section of the 'court' into a memorable canvas.

Summer Solstice Spectacular 2008 creation by David E Deffner

deadscreations original Works of art are now on display throughout the month of June at the 'old linden theater' entrance, the window at 510 Lincoln Avenue.

A masterful collection of work, a must see!


explore the creative process

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