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"The Classic Chevrolet Cruise"

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MAY 18, 2014


April 26

Make and post signs "CLASSIC CAR CRUISE - MAY 18  - 1-5 PM" at Bellevue exit 279, Chateau Street, ORB North and South of Bellevue. Make directional signs.

May 10

Distribute flyers at The Avalon Apple Blossom Festival.

The Classic Chevrolet Cruise Volunteer Schedule for Sunday May 18, 2014



Post directional signs “VEHICLE ENTRY TO CLASSIC CRUISE” at Starr and Lincoln Ave, Riverview and ORB, Hawley and Lincoln, Hawley and Teece, North Fremont and Lincoln and North Fremont and Teece, North Balph and Teece.


Volunteers are asked to assemble at the Classic Chevrolet lot at 500 Lincoln Avenue 15 minutes in advance of their scheduled start for requested assignment.  Obtain your volunteer button.


Bellevue Police post No Parking signs after 11:30 am on Sunday May 18 from Florence to Fremont and bag meters between Florence and Fremont.


The number of entries will determine the extent of the parking on Lincoln Avenue between Florence and Fremont Avenues. For this reason vehicles may enter the cruise at either of the ‘gates’.


Set up and Man barricades (9) – "open and close" barricade to allow vehicles to exit cruise area. Direct traffic to “gates” on Lincoln Avenue.


Assist with locating “other vendors” directing them to their spaces (Street Treat Patrol, vendors etc.)


Assist in clearing vehicles from Lincoln Avenue between Florence and Fremont Avenues. Assist in aligning vehicles along Lincoln Avenue and side streets to enter the "gates" at Jackson and Fremont

Noon to 1pm

Direct the vehicles to the "gates" open at Florence and Fremont Avenues to arrive on Lincoln Avenue.


Issue 1 free raffle ticket to drivers of the show vehicles and provide directions to the booth at 500 Lincoln Avenue to receive one of the 100 limited dash plaques and for registration and entry in the "Best in Show" contest.


Assist with the angled parking of the vehicles. (Required for emergency fire truck access.)


Show starts at 1pm!

1pm-2-pm, 2pm-3pm, 3pm-4pm, 4pm-5pm

Volunteers are needed to photograph the event, sell 50/50 raffle tickets, promote Bellevue, provide face-painting, caricatures, etc. and encourage good conduct among participants and spectators.


Open barricades to enable vehicles, vendors and the like to exit the cruise.  Clean-up any and all debris along the public and private thoroughfare.   Thanks for participating!!!


Volunteers please send email to info@enjoybellevue.org noting your preference and availability.


Send mail to info@enjoybellevue.org with questions or comments about this web site.
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