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"The Classic Car Cruise"

A limited number of outside vendors will be invited to set-up in select locations for the event.

Items presented for sale will be reviewed for suitability. Please contact us at info@enjoybellevue.org with any questions concerning eligibility.


To register to participate in the event, please provide the following information for consideration:




State Zip code




Please describe the items to be presented for sale at the event:


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Please be advised of the requirements to ensure participation in the Classic Car Cruise event! 

Checks/money orders are to be made payable to Enjoy Bellevue and may be mailed or hand-delivered by May 12, 2013 to Enjoy Bellevue, 18 Hawley Avenue, Bellevue, PA 15202  We are also able to accept online payment for the space via Pay Pal.  Click the "Pay Now" to access your secure account.


Enjoy Bellevue Members enjoy a 10% discount. Please note your membership number for confirmation.

Vendor Selection
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Please complete this Vendor Application for the Borough of Bellevue who waived the usual "Transient Vendor" fee for our event, and submit the completed form to Enjoy Bellevue at 18 Hawley Avenue or via info@enjoybellevue.org.


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