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Bellevue's Haggis Hunt Celebration

Meet Harry Haggis and enjoy the fun and frivolity of a great Scottish tradition.


October 15, 2008

Enjoy Bellevue and The Celtic Collection are sponsoring the first annual Haggis Hunt Celebration on November 8, 2008 beginning at 1pm at The Diocesan House of Prayer, 336 S Home Avenue, Avalon, PA 15202.  Meet Harry Haggis and enjoy the fun and frivolity of a great Scottish tradition.  Pre-register to hunt for the Haggis during the Haggis Hunting Season October 25, 2008 thru November 8, 2008. Fun for all ages!  November 8 concludes the festival with activities, crafts and food from 1pm-6pm and the live musical performance of Callán from 7pm-9pm.

$5 Haggis Hunting License; $10 Haggis Meal; $15 Celtic Concert featuring Callán. Half-price for children under 12.

Registered hunters search the Bellevue business districts for the mostly mythical haggis creature of the bog.  All those whose desire it is to actively participate in the Haggis Hunt must apply for a haggis hunting license.

Licensees will be issued a number and a permit pin.  The pin, which must be visible at all times during the HAGGIS HUNT, is shown to the partner business to obtain the clue to the next location.  Savvy hunters will search www.enjoybellevue.org/shop.htm, the web site which lists the names, locations and the hours of operation of all Bellevue-based businesses, the source for information to unravel the clues.

There is a total of five haggii hiding in five locations.  Points are credited to the hunters account based on the location of the haggis.

Wild Haggis (Haggis scoticus) is a fictional creature said to be native to the Scottish Highlands.  It is comically claimed to be the source of haggis, a traditional Scottish dish that is in fact made from the innards of sheep combined with toasted oatmeal and a myriad of spices to concoct the delicious Scottish food staple.

According to some sources, the wild haggis's left legs are of a different length than its’ right legs, allowing it to run quickly around the steep mountains and hillsides which make up its natural habitat, but only in one direction.  It is further claimed that there are two varieties of haggis, one with longer left legs and the other with longer right legs.  The former variety can run clockwise around a mountain (as seen from above) while the latter can run anticlockwise.  The two varieties coexist peacefully but are unable to interbreed in the wild because in order for the male of one variety to mate with a female of the other, he must turn to face in the same direction as his intended mate, causing him to lose his balance before he can mount her.  As a result of this difficulty, differences in leg length among the Haggis population are accentuated.

The traditional Scottish Haggis Hunt starts on November 27 and runs until January 25 when the feast is held in honor of Robert Burns, (author of Auld Lang Syne).  The Haggis creature is likened to the Loch Ness monster but of course they would never get together, the haggis lives in the bog.  This is the first time in this region that a Haggis Hunt is being orchestrated, the Scots know of the tradition and it is so much fun, it must be introduced to everyone else.

On November 8, 2008 from 1 pm- 6 pm all of the registered Bellevue Haggis Hunters and others will conclude the festival at the Diocesan House of Prayer at 336 S Home Avenue, Avalon, PA 15202, with the top prizes awarded to hunters collecting all of the clues and points.

Participate in the Haggis Hurl, enjoy the Highland dance performance, craft market, test your Gaelic language skills and pin the hat on the Haggis.

The FARE will be available starting at 1:00 pm $10 for adults, $5 for children under 12, and will include samplings of bridies, tatties, neeps and mushy peas available at a nominal cost.  The special recitation of Burns’ “Ode To A Haggis” will be piped in at 3:30 pm by Pittsburgh's George Balderose (www.pittsburghpiper.com) prior to the sampling of authentic HAGGIS.  According to tradition, the serving of the haggis is preceded by the formal eloquent ceremony.  Scheduled to begin at 3:30 pm, this is a must see and hear for all those who want a taste of this tradition!

The evening concert will feature the area's hot new Celtic band, Callán, 7pm-9pm live at the Diocesan House of Prayer, (formerly Epiphany Church), located at 336 South Home Avenue, Avalon, PA, 15202.  Enjoy an introduction to the Post-Folk Celtic Ruckus band Callán, at www.myspace.com/wholelottaruckus.

Callán is a celebration of their musical heritage, honoring tradition and delighting modern ears--and feet!--with a fusion of traditional and contemporary Irish and Scottish music.

A powerhouse quartet with over fifty years of combined musical experience, they raise a ruckus with pipes, guitar, percussion, vocals, fiddle, whistle, accordion, mandolin, and banjo.

With a repertoire of compelling dance tunes and evocative songs, Callán’s audiences find the urge to dance and sing-along irresistible.

For more information on the Haggis Hunting events, and to RSVP (required) for the meal and concert log onto www.enjoybellevue.org/haggis.htm or telephone The Celtic Collection @ 412-766-1044 or Enjoy Bellevue @ 412-761-5773 or send an e-mail to info@enjoybellevue.org.

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