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the last wild places


Enjoy Bellevue proposes the preservation, biological enhancement and expanding use of three minor Ohio River tributaries, their forest environs, and their river fronts established within the Borough of Bellevue, Pennsylvania.  Although modified by human activity for over two hundred years, two of these hollows and the nearby drainage-based, woodland parcels have remained as “the last wild places."

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Reclamation is our duty and responsibility as stewards of our environment.

Natural Mahoning stone stairway trail-Bidworths Run

Natural Mahoning stone stairway trail-Bidworths Run


Ravine in the woods-Neville


Conceived within a larger paradigm of local long-term preservation, restoration, biological and

historical education and restricted recreational uses, one of the three drainage areas is recognized as having particular, limited, and achievable potential.


The Bidworths Run tract is selected as the pilot project for the larger green space preservation initiative.


The Bidworths Run Woods project explicitly seeks to create a safe, accessible natural green space of unique character enjoyed by both local residents and visitors of all ages having a wide variety of interests congruent with the embodied values of a naturalized area.


The intent is to restore a healthy

and greater native biodiversity

to the biologically damaged intermittent stream of Bidworths Run and its larger environment of woodland and streamside habitats.


This initial project providing documentation of the current condition of Bidworths Run

creates awareness with the compilation of data and visuals

in an effort to promote protection, restoration and sustainability of

the Ohio River tributary green

spaces in and near Bellevue.

Ravine in the woods


Spring seep through Mahoning sandstone at Bidworths Run


Biodiversity in the Pittsburgh region is augmented by this initial analysis of the largely overlooked and neglected green space of Bidworths Run.

The gradual, natural restoration of the woodland produces a habitat for the return of many previously absent animal species.

Advancing accessibility to the Bellevue and Avalon ravine environment, currently

off-limits to the populace, supports local and far more expansive regional green

space developments.


The Bidworths Run pilot project is embedded in its local status as a rescue of

one of “the last wild places,”

in our current and always diminishing opportunity to move forward with a model of preservation, improvement, and appropriate uses.


Inspiration for the project derives in part from long held recognition that our green spaces are essential to enhancing the quality of life

in an urban environment.


Become an advocate for the green space initiative. Join with us and reclaim the land

of the future for generations.


Spring seep through Mahoning sandstone at Bidworths Run


Bidworths Run and Ohio River Confluence as seen from 1870's lock ruin opposite Davis Island

Bidworths Run and Ohio River Confluence as seen from 1870's lock ruin opposite Davis Island





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